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10 Things To Do Before You Die

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 18, 2017

Below are some Works you should perform before you die and to prove you lived your life in full. Find 10 things to do before you die.

People have lots of wishes in their heart to perform while they are in the last stage of leaving the world. Even a richest person wish lots of things to do. Even they think they she missed a lot of things that they love and were planning to do. So below listed are 10 things that you should perform before you die. These list makes you free and burden less when you die or leave your body.

  1. Clear the Finance

You Might be thinking it’s a useless point but it makes a lot when you are at the last stage. You know very well no one will be happy knowing their cash being flushed out. Clear all the debts and collect all the receivable. Being clear in financial books make you relief while you are leaving….

  1. Make Sure the World is Round

Make sure the world you live is Round and full of joy. Get to know the paradise is in this world. Make trips with loved ones, share time and give them to know actual you. Make plans and go on trips. Try to visit the places you wish for. Taking partner makes the memory more lively then visiting single.

  1. Get One Friend

In today’s world it is very hard to find a good friend. People are busy in artificial world, busy with technology, busy with paper world. Make the world free from technology and finance. Get your best friend connected every time. Share everything with him/her. Be a part of the friend life. Never miss your friend in the happy and sad moment to enjoy/deal alone. Combine and leave at least one believe that there is one who will miss you or there was one whom you missed. 

  1. Know to Forgive

Forgive people what they have done for you. It will leave you with light heart and you can go on very easily. You might be missing lot of friends whom you didn’t forgive but at the end of your life you will get chance to remember all of them. You will remember all your childhood friend, your school friends, your college friends, your co-workers, your time killing partners their love, their stupidity, their fight, their stupid ideas, their lying habits…… Forgive everyone who are alive now. Thank them for making you what you are today.

  1. Let someone else have the chance you missed.

Of course there are plenty of thing today as well you wished but you missed. Give chances for young ones to do what you missed when you were young and wanted to do but couldn’t. Give chances to all the co-workers, children to do what you still wish to do. Ask elderly what they want to do? Listen to them and arrange for them. Everyone wants to meet their old friend. Making arrangement to visit old friend in surprise works in lot of cases.

  1. Do something good in society

This is the good way to make A+ score on your life. Try to be active in society conduct some programs, awareness, ceremony in the society so the people will appreciate you. These king of performances will help you in long way of your life. People remember you and your works.

  1. Leave bread for your Family

Make sure to think world will never be same when you were gone. Your life may be for two days, ten years or for couple of hour in this world. Make sure you family who are with you will survive though you leave the world. Make some arrangement, Get insured, and get some policies or some bank balance for your family. It will make you easy to leave the world. While thinking now it might make you feel pointless but think if accident happen what will be of your family? How they going to survive in this world?

  1. Eat the best meal

If you know you are going to die and you want to eat something great and you won’t be on that position. But if you eat them now you won’t be feeling cheating yourself. Do it now don’t pay attention to the right hand side digits of menu. Just enjoy your best meal.

  1. Give a lunch to a Homeless

Give a lunch to a homeless, Give tips to a cab driver, waiter, rickshaw puller, garbage collector, plumber. See their happy face. It will make you feel proud. Don’t be cheap you won’t take anything with you. 

  1. Perform These Awesomeness

Last but not least make sure to perform all these things. Sleep in open ground below the stars and in the mud, Swim in dirty river, Run and get wet while raining, go to prison, visit seven continents, prank someone, smell the grass in the field. Make sure to do all the small activities you love to do and you are willing to do. Don’t think what people might think this one is for you and only you so do it.

If you think i missed something please leave a comment. Live your life and enjoy it. Happy living 🙂


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