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5 Horrible Online Dating Stories

Life, Style & Health, News, Top 5 List October 3, 2015

5 Horrible Online Dating Stories. These dates all went terribly wrong after meeting one another online.



5. The Fortunate case of Nut Allergies

For people with nut allergies, accidentally consuming them can be an awful experience. That is exactly what happened to a young man who went on a blind date with a girl he met online. Within an hour of meeting she was planning their wedding and behaving erratically. When he mistakenly ate nuts, he had to be rushed to the hospital. Upon being discharged he instructed his friend to inform the young lady he had died and much to his relief, the two have had no contact since.

4. A Man named Gooch

A woman living in Waterford met a man named Gooch on OkCupid. Unfortunately the date did not go well. At some point during the date, Gooch stole her keys and drove off with her car. Gooch, thankfully did not make it very far, and was soon apprehended by the authorities. The woman did not ask Gooch for a second date.

3. A Gentleman and a Drug Dealer

Okay, scrap the gentleman part. A respected businesswoman named Sharon Armstrong was infatuated with whom she thought was a prospective suitor that she met online. In fact, she was so convinced he was the real deal that she flew from New Zealand to England to meet him. But when she agreed to pick up some packages for him in Argentina, she unknowingly transported drugs. She was discovered by law enforcement and the mysterious man soon deleted his online profiles.

2. Late Night Intruders

A young professional living in Atlanta, Georgia was excited meet who he thought was a compatible match. The two agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. The woman became very drunk, and the man offered her a ride home. She gave him directions, and as he waited to make sure she got in safely, she soon rushed back out, realizing she had gone to the wrong house! Eventually, she was arrested for trespassing after he dropped her off at another house.

1. Kareem Daniel

Mr. Daniel used Tango, a dating app that utilizes video chatting. After he met and charmed Tamira, the young woman agreed to meet with him. She invited him to her house, but was shocked when he pulled a gun on her, stealing close to $1,000 from her. It took the police nearly six months to catch the crook.

For More Please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dD7XXdwPIrTLStHwfsJOQ

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