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How to Lose Weight In a week

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 30, 2017

How to lose weight in a week

If you want to lose weight fast then this is the only way you should try. I know loosing weight was never been so easy without planning. Follow these five steps and get your weight down within a week. So lets see how to lose weight in a week.

1. Drink Plenty of water: Our body is made up of water. As you all know water keeps your body clean and toxic free. Water plays a vital role in losing body weight.

2. No Sweet/Sugar anymore: You may love Ice-cream I do. If you are serious about your weight keep them aside for a period. Sweet things help to increase weight more faster then anything else. So be far from sugary and sweet items.

3. Walk or Run: Its simple to do some running and walking. I don’t understand people nowadays never leave their couch and remote. Please if you really love yourself do some running and walking. I am not saying to do heavy exercise just do what you love. Go for cycling, swimming, playing football, basketball, badminton etc. Make your muscle move. Load lovely songs in your pod and go down the street for 1/2 hour and return back. Thats what all you need.

4. Juice: Drink green juice. Green here means every green liquid from green tea to vegetable juice. Drink vegetable juice Twice a day. There are plenty of videos in youtube showing green veggie juice recipe. Follow any one of them but remember no sugar.

5. Consume more fiber: Stop flour, rice, noodles  start eating fiber only. Eat healthy fibers like Buckwheat, Oats meal, Corn, White Beans, Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Garbanzo Beans, Avocado, Whole wheat, Brown Rice etc. Do not take anything then these mention food whole day. These foods not only help you to lose weight but also help you to Lower Blood Pressure, Prevent Colon Cancer and enrich your digestive power.

Follow these five steps if you really want to lose weight In a week. These are very easy and simple steps and are helpful for you. Stop eating junk food they are not for human. They activate our taste buds but they are not healthy by any means. Love your body and live your life. Please comment below how helpful this article was.

How to Get Six Pack Abs

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 30, 2017

How to get six pack Abs

Everyone nowadays are running for six pack. It has been a fashion around which is good. People are searching in Google, YouTube and other sources to get six pack abs faster. The way how to get six pack abs is very easy. It needs your commitment and time. If you can give these you will be having six pack abs in near future. Here are some of the tips, Routine to follow to get six pack abs.

1. Stop Junk foods: The first thing you should do from now is quit Junk food. I know they taste good and easy to get but you should quit them to get abs. If you are so in on Junk food then earn them. People call it Cheat meal or Cheat day where you will do extra exercise and cut extra fat to earn the food. Junk food are never good.

2. Drink lot of water: Water is always good for your body. Drink as much water as you can. Drinking water not only glow skin and help blood cells it also clear the impurity from your body. Water is very helpful to cut your fat. Drink lot of water.

3. Eat good food: Food with good Carbs, proteins should be in your diet. Avoid white Carbs and start Slow carbs. Oats, Brown Rice, Buckwheat etc are good source of fiber and Good carb which help to stable your body and also helps in Digestion. Consume Healthy fats like Olive oils, Nuts, Avocado etc.

4. Do the workout: There are lot of videos and images showing you how to perform workout for your abs. Don’t do extreme workout you should give your body little time to build and fix the stress. Do simple workout which hits the core of your abdomen. Do other Exercise as well like crunching, Cycling, Swimming, playing football etc. Never perform the same exercise daily divide throughout your body.

5. Take rest: Taking rest is a good habit to gain energy for your body, mind & muscles. Take minimum 08 hrs of sleep every day. Take power nap between course of time. This helps mind to be free from stress.

6. Be Active: Be active here means replace relax life use stairs instead of Lift, Walk while talking over phone, Swim instead of taking shower. Use your muscle, move it to develop it. You all know you have got six pack already its just a way to clean your fat which hides it.

Follow these steps on how to get six pack abs and be sure to get Six pack abs shortly. These steps are easy and simple to follow. As always Love your body and live your life. Comments below how these steps goes on you. Cheers.

How to control Anger before it controls you

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 30, 2017


We all know what the anger is and all of us have been through it weather as an annoyance or in a full explosive rage. Before starting the technique on how to control Anger let’s find out your Anger Style/Behavior. There are few styles of Anger a) Explosive b) Self-Abuse c) Avoidance d) Sarcasm e) Slow Aggressive & f) Habituate Irritation.

Let’s see which one of them you love much. 🙂

  1. Explosive: All of sudden due to small issue your minds get burst, your pressure rises to its top, your heart starts pounding vigorously and you won’t see who is near to you and start shouting. Yes that’s explosive anger. You can’t stand a simple issue that irritates you and you want to take sudden action.
  2. Self-Abuse: “It’s my fault I did it.” Whatever the issue is you will make it your problem and start abusing yourself for the mistake. “If I weren’t there, it won’t happen.” “If she had called me I wouldn’t have acted this way it’s my fault.” These kind of anger is example of self-abuse.
  3. Avoidance: “it’s ok, it’s fine.” You are saying with slight smile but the fire is burning in your heart. You want to show the anger but you are avoiding it by simply saying it’s ok. You want to override your anger.
  4. Sarcasm: “Wow you did a great job, due to you my boss threw me out.” Followed by smile. You believe that expressing negative emotions directly isn’t ok and you will try to go through indirect route. If someone gets mad and it’s not your fault because you were just kidding. Can’t they take a joke
  5. Slow Aggressive: All of sudden without knowing your system crashed and you have got important data on it. Oh shit now you remember it was important and you can’t get it back. You will feel the tension building but somewhere around you will find anger. You can’t do anything it’s the computer whom you can’t blame. What is the option now? The Option is you will be angry, Frustrated and let it go you know very well that you can’t do anything except throwing your computer in bin and which you don’t want to do.
  6. Habituate Irritation: “I can’t type email for you every time I have lot of my work to do.” “I can’t do this every time, why can’t he do?” “Why you borrow my pen every time, why don’t you get your own.” You feel irritate when it cross a limit. It’s easy to cross limit when you are in hard situation and you will come up with Habituate Irritation.

So let’s jump on how to control anger before it controls you . These are few ways to control your anger

  1. Relaxation: Simply take deep breathe, drink cold water and close your eyes or lay back and think your loved ones (if they are not the reason of your anger). There are lots of technique in internet you can find how to train yourself periodically for relaxation to control you anger before it controls you.
  2. Solution: Find a solution of your problem besides being angry and making it even worse. You should know problems are always a part of life and if problem arises think about its solution. You know very well shouting and fighting never solve the problem it only harms you and harms the relation. Try to find the solution of the problem and deal with it.
  3. Wordings: Try to play with words. Never use f%$@#$%, never or always. Shit happens and it’s not the end of world. Use thoughtful, rational world than using rough and violent ones. The rough and violent wordings make your emotion stronger and leave you with anger. Don’t curse or make promises while being on these situation. Play well and be calm and take right step. Think that you are hard enough to deal with these issues.
  4. Better Communication: Never take any fast and random decision while you face the problem. Think of it of course and communicate with your supporters. Deal with the reason which makes you angry. Communicate with people tell them what you don’t like when they do it? Give them options come to the solutions. Always communicate with smooth and polite sounds. Never use violent words use rational and polite words. Everyone understand the polite words easily.
  5. Other Steps: Beside the above there are other few steps that you can do to manage your anger.

Avoidance: Avoid the things, people that makes you angry or due to which you become angry. Try not to deal or deal simple as a professional.

Timing: Make sure if you are irritate of something don’t be in discussion of any type. That timing wouldn’t be good just take a nap, drink coffee, drink cold water, eat snacks etc.

Replacement: Think of replacement. If you are angry with your car replace it, if you are angry with traffic change the route and if it’s the only route change your timings. If you are frustrated with your job change the job or change your way.

Hope these steps leave you with calm mind and stop anger. Live your life and Love your life you are the only creation created with love. If you have more ideas feel free to comment below. Till then be safe, unharmed and Anger less. 🙂

Top 05 Places to visit

Life, Style & Health November 30, 2017


Do you enjoy vacation? Do you love spending holidays abroad? Or do you love adventure? Here are the top 05 places to visit at least once in your lifetime. These list includes some big cities to make your next vacation the most favorite. So let’s take a look on these beautiful and Lovely Places.

  1. Paris: Paris is the most popular and capital city of France. It is situated on the Seine River, in the north of the country. This city is also known as the “City of Love”. The Eiffel Tower, The catacombs of Paris, Musee Du Louvre, The Pantheon, Palace of Versailles and Sainte Chappelle etc. are the place you shouldn’t miss while in Paris. Beside The places there are loads of restaurant that serve you best meal. Don’t miss these meals Quiche, Escargots, Steak Tartare, Onion Soup, and Huitres.


  1. London: London is the world on itself. It is the capital and most popular city of England. It is situated on the Thames River. This city is also known as the city of amazing food. British Museum, National Gallery, Tate Modern, London Eye, Science Museum, Tower of London etc. are some place you must visit while on London. Since the city is known for the amazing food you should try their amazing recipes. Go for river Cruise, take a bus tour, Harry potter tour, Udder belly Festival (In summer).


  1. New York City: The most popular city of United States is also consider the best place to visit. The main attraction of the city is itself. It’s amazing view and landmarks makes the city attractive. Grand central Terminal, Lincoln Center, Empire State building, Statue of Liberty, Times square, Museum are the main place to visit in New York. Beside these you should try Ice skating, Theatre, Bus tour, City Park and 84 walking tours.


  1. Barcelona: Though the place is known for its football team the city is the feast for eye. Discover the city on foot and spend a day away from bus and metro. Gaudi, Magical Montjuiic, Walk on arty side, know the city history and taste the sea food while you are in Barcelona.


  1. Bahamas: Bahama is made up of multiple island and it is a great place to visit and discover its beauty. You can make Bahama an unforgettable vacation by enjoying its nature. Beaches, Boating, Diving, Ecotourism, Family Fun, Fishing, Pampering, Private Flying, Water sport are the main attraction of Bahamas. 


Make sure to visit at least one of them in your life time. Life is all about experiences. Did I miss any? Please feel free to comment below. And as always Love your life, enjoy your life and live your life.

10 Things To Do Before You Die

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 18, 2017


Below are some Works you should perform before you die and to prove you lived your life in full. Find 10 things to do before you die.

People have lots of wishes in their heart to perform while they are in the last stage of leaving the world. Even a richest person wish lots of things to do. Even they think they she missed a lot of things that they love and were planning to do. So below listed are 10 things that you should perform before you die. These list makes you free and burden less when you die or leave your body.

  1. Clear the Finance

You Might be thinking it’s a useless point but it makes a lot when you are at the last stage. You know very well no one will be happy knowing their cash being flushed out. Clear all the debts and collect all the receivable. Being clear in financial books make you relief while you are leaving….

  1. Make Sure the World is Round

Make sure the world you live is Round and full of joy. Get to know the paradise is in this world. Make trips with loved ones, share time and give them to know actual you. Make plans and go on trips. Try to visit the places you wish for. Taking partner makes the memory more lively then visiting single.

  1. Get One Friend

In today’s world it is very hard to find a good friend. People are busy in artificial world, busy with technology, busy with paper world. Make the world free from technology and finance. Get your best friend connected every time. Share everything with him/her. Be a part of the friend life. Never miss your friend in the happy and sad moment to enjoy/deal alone. Combine and leave at least one believe that there is one who will miss you or there was one whom you missed. 

  1. Know to Forgive

Forgive people what they have done for you. It will leave you with light heart and you can go on very easily. You might be missing lot of friends whom you didn’t forgive but at the end of your life you will get chance to remember all of them. You will remember all your childhood friend, your school friends, your college friends, your co-workers, your time killing partners their love, their stupidity, their fight, their stupid ideas, their lying habits…… Forgive everyone who are alive now. Thank them for making you what you are today.

  1. Let someone else have the chance you missed.

Of course there are plenty of thing today as well you wished but you missed. Give chances for young ones to do what you missed when you were young and wanted to do but couldn’t. Give chances to all the co-workers, children to do what you still wish to do. Ask elderly what they want to do? Listen to them and arrange for them. Everyone wants to meet their old friend. Making arrangement to visit old friend in surprise works in lot of cases.

  1. Do something good in society

This is the good way to make A+ score on your life. Try to be active in society conduct some programs, awareness, ceremony in the society so the people will appreciate you. These king of performances will help you in long way of your life. People remember you and your works.

  1. Leave bread for your Family

Make sure to think world will never be same when you were gone. Your life may be for two days, ten years or for couple of hour in this world. Make sure you family who are with you will survive though you leave the world. Make some arrangement, Get insured, and get some policies or some bank balance for your family. It will make you easy to leave the world. While thinking now it might make you feel pointless but think if accident happen what will be of your family? How they going to survive in this world?

  1. Eat the best meal

If you know you are going to die and you want to eat something great and you won’t be on that position. But if you eat them now you won’t be feeling cheating yourself. Do it now don’t pay attention to the right hand side digits of menu. Just enjoy your best meal.

  1. Give a lunch to a Homeless

Give a lunch to a homeless, Give tips to a cab driver, waiter, rickshaw puller, garbage collector, plumber. See their happy face. It will make you feel proud. Don’t be cheap you won’t take anything with you. 

  1. Perform These Awesomeness

Last but not least make sure to perform all these things. Sleep in open ground below the stars and in the mud, Swim in dirty river, Run and get wet while raining, go to prison, visit seven continents, prank someone, smell the grass in the field. Make sure to do all the small activities you love to do and you are willing to do. Don’t think what people might think this one is for you and only you so do it.

If you think i missed something please leave a comment. Live your life and enjoy it. Happy living 🙂


How to Quit Smoking

How To?, Life, Style & Health November 13, 2017

How to quit smoking

Thank god you finally thought of it. Nicotine is the most addictive, effective and harmful chemical available all around the world. Smoking is harmful for smoker and non-smoker as well if exposed near smoke. Due to smoking lots of people die each year. It’s a difficult task to quit smoking but it not impossible.

Since you are aware of its effects and harm already, here are few tips and tricks on how to get around of smoking and quit it normally. How to quit smoking ? Seriously ? Follow these steps if you seriously want to quit smoking.

  1. Help Yourself: You know smoking is bad for your health. Build your mind and make strong believe that you can stop smoking from now onwards. At least set a goal for 20 days you won’t smoke. Build your willpower and believe on you that it is possible for you to quit smoking. Help yourself to build real you. Know your believe make strong commitment and stay on it.
  2. Tell your Near Ones: Tell your near ones with whom you are in touch or meet in daily basis from your parents to your friends and colleagues in office that you are quitting smoking from today. Let them know that you mean it this time. Even you can offer them a prize if they found you smoking they will get $1000. These steps make you strong and since they are your near ones and they are with you most of the time you won’t get time/chance to smoke.
  3. Avoid Smoking route: Stop hanging out with your smoker friends. Throw lighters, cigarette and other stuff that pulls you to smoke. Don’t go near to the smoker in public area try to avoid it whenever you can and whatever it takes. Remember again it’s not cigarette that comes to you it’s you who want to go. Believe in your willpower and stay on your commitment.
  4. Make a Group: If you have other friend who smokes with you tell them to join you. Come up with ideas to do some new things in group. Start playing basketball, football or other games. It makes you and your group more powerful and help to stand on your route.
  5. Get Back and Stand Up: Sometime you may slip down and tried to smoke. It will be hard for you for few days. Get back again and stand up on your route. Start again the same routine that you were following to quit smoking. Whenever you slip get back and stand stronger.
  6. Control It: If you are heavy smoker it’s impossible for you to stop at once. If you can’t stop once then slow down try not to smoke as heavy as you used to do normally cut every cigarette as much as possible every time and even try not to finish the whole cigarette every time you smoke.
  7. Calculate: Calculate your daily cigarette intake and check the down flow of cigarette regularly if you are heavy smoker and quitting in slow mode. Decrease the cigarette amount daily and each time. Make track of intake and calculate how you are doing with it. It gives you strength and motivates you to minimize the intake of cigarette.
  8. Replace the Crave: Since there is Nicotine in cigarette it pushes you to take just a puff only. So try to replace it with good warm tea or coffee or even milk (Why not?) Every time you feel crave inside drink a replacement liquid. Gradually your crave starts getting low and you will feel free.
  9. Never think about it: Stop thinking of smoking again. Though you see people smoking and you too wish to smoke. Stop thinking about it. Don’t even notice those people who are smoking look other side of the road where children are playing. Make your mind free of thought which pushes you to smoke or makes you think for smoking.
  10. Question Yourself: Once you cross 7 days without a cigarette ask yourself a question do you want to go back? And the answer would be “no.” If you stop for 7 days why can’t you stop for whole life? Make in your mind it never happened and live normal life.

Advantages: Once you stop smoking you will have great advantages.

-You face will be fresh and clean.

-Your Breath won’t be foul.

-You will save money that you were spending on cigarette.

-You will be free from Nicotine which is the most harmful, effective drugs in the world. &

-You will remain healthy and you won’t be counted on those who died of smoking LOL.


As always Love your life and live your life. Comment below if you have any other tips and tricks on how to quit smoking.



Sanna Pakoras Recipe – Crunchy Onion Pakoras

How To?, Life, Style & Health, Recipes December 25, 2015

Hey foodies,

What better than a hot cup of coffee with some crunchy onion pakoras on a cool breezy evening. We love our pakoras for sure.

Crunchy Onion Pakoras

Crunchy Onion Pakoras


  •  4 Chopped Onions
  •  1 bunch Chopped Coriander
  • 2 Chopped Green Chili
  • salt as per taste
  • 1/2 tsp Cumin Seeds
  • 1/2 tsp Corainder Seeds
  • 1 tsp Red Chili Powder
  • 1 tsp Chili Flakes
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cups Besan / Gram Flour
  • Water as required
  • oil for frying
Servings: 4 People
  1. In a mixing bowl, add the chopped onions, coriander, green chili followed by the salt and spices. Mix well and add the besan/gram flour and add water little by little to make a very thick batter. Once the batter is ready, add a spoonful of hot oil to it.
  2. In medium hot oil, drop in the batter to make big sized pakoras. Shapes don’t matter as these are going to be double fried. Once the balls turn slightly golden and cooked from inside, take them out and let them cool.
  3. Once the big sized pakoras are cooled a little, break them into bite size pieces, one big pakoras can be made into 4-5 smaller pakoras aka sanna pakoras.
  4. Heat up the oil in high this time and drop the sanna pakoras into it. Fry until they turn crispy and get dark brown colour. Relish with some green chutney or sweet and hot ketchup.
Recipe Notes

You may also add in some more veggies to this, but this is the way I was served and this is the way my neighbor shared the recipe.. I’ve been making this since like 2 years(when I made Black Forest Cake in Oven, that’s when she shared this with me) and every time this is a wonder! Try it and tell us how it turns.

Watch Video Here:

5 Tips to Keep Holiday Weight Off!

How To?, Life, Style & Health, Top 5 List December 25, 2015

The secret to keeping weight off during the holidays!

Always seem to gain an extra 5 pounds during the holiday season? I’m going to give you 5 Tips to Keep Holiday Weight Off this year!

#5 – Don’t be hungry!
Sounds funny right? Eat more so you can eat less! But it’s true; if you’re about to go to a holiday party or a dinner, eat something healthy that’s going to take up room, such as a protein bar, or a shake. That’s going to take up room in your stomach, and send signals to your brain that you’re not hungry!

#4 – Drink water!
Typically alcohol will be involved at these parties, and dinners, and the more drunk you get, the more you’re just going to say, meh, whateverrrrrrr!! So just make sure you don’t get too drunk, and you won’t overindulge!!

#3 – Keep on working out!
Keep up your workout schedule, and add some cardio in there if you’re not already! Over the holidays is the best time to be putting on muscle, and you definitely want to be adding in cardio to keep the excess fat off.

#2 – Partner up!
Find someone who has the same goal as you and the both of you can hold each other accountable to not overeat! Make sure they can slap that 3rd piece of cake right out of your hand!!
Click the subscribe button to get the truth in health and fitness!!

#1 – Are you hungry?!
This sounds super simple, but it’s actually something very few people do. The holidays are a time to indulge in some home cooked meals that you don’t get throughout the year, but it doesn’t mean it’s a time to gorge yourself! This is related to mindset; just remember your fitness and health goals, and consistently ask yourself if you’re still hungry.

These are the 5 Tips to Keep Holiday Weight Off this year!

Click Play to watch video.


Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Details and Review

Life, Style & Health, News, Tech November 23, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is Samsung’s mobile virtual reality device developed in collaboration with Oculus VR. The device pairs up with samsung galaxy s6, which acts a driving computer whose screen is beamed into the VR device. The device projects the contents of your small mobile screen onto a mega sized virtual screen with a 96degree viewing angle, letting you feel a world beyond your peripheral vision. The focus of the accessory can be easily changed for both nearsighted and farsighted person. Gear VR connects to your samsung galaxy s6 via microUSB 1.1 connection. It rests on your face with the help of a soft and flexible cushion lined band that features an ergonomic design. The device incorporates a touchpad, a back button and a volume rocker. Accelerator, proximity, gyroscope and magnetic sensors are also featured in this accessory. The unit doesn’t feel too bulky as its dimensions are pegged at 198 x 116 x 90mm. It comes in a cool white color. Enjoy movies, games, images and more as if you are alone in a cinema with the Galaxy Gear VR.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR lets you experience virtual reality as if you are in a cinema. The cutting edge device sports an ergonomic design and features a headband with soft and flexible cushioning. This cool white device’s looks are further enhanced by the steel blue frames on the front.



The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes it easy for you to enjoy Virtual Reality. The device beams contents of your samsung galaxy s6 onto a virtual mega sized screen, offering vision beyond your peripheral vision.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes watching movies, playing games and viewing all your photos and videos even more enjoyable. You can view everything you love as if you were at the cinema.

BUY YOUR Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Here.

Mango Kesari Kulfi – Indian Style Frozen Dessert Recipe | Kulfiness

Life, Style & Health, Recipes October 12, 2015

Mango Kesari Kulfi – Indian Style Frozen Dessert Recipe | Kulfiness

  • Milk – 500ml
  • Sugar – ⅓ Cup
  • Cream – 2 tbsp
  • Saffron (Kesar) – Few Strands
  • Mango Pulp – 1 and ¼ Cup
  • Pistachio – 2 Tbsp
  • Ice Cream Sticks – 8 nos.


  1. Heat up the milk in a wide pan and get it to a boil.
  2. In a small bowl, take out 1-2 tbsp of the boiled milk and add the saffron strands to this milk. Set it aside.
  3. Now, working on the milk, reduce the milk in a medium flame, stirring it occasionally to prevent burning. Stirring the milk evenly gives amazing texture to Kulfi.
  4. Add the soaked saffron to the reducing milk and stir it and reduce it till it becomes half of its original volume. Add the sugar and cream, and cook it for another 1-2 minutes.
  5. After reducing the milk, let it cool down completely. After it cools down, add mange pulp to it and the pistachio. Mix it well and add it to the Kulfi Moulds.
  6. After pouring it in the Kulfi Moulds, set it for 2 hours in the freezer. After 2 hours take it out, insert ice cream stick to each of the kulfi moulds and let it set again for 3-4 hours.
  7. Chill and Serve!

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