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Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Details and Review

Life, Style & Health, News, Tech November 23, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is Samsung’s mobile virtual reality device developed in collaboration with Oculus VR. The device pairs up with samsung galaxy s6, which acts a driving computer whose screen is beamed into the VR device. The device projects the contents of your small mobile screen onto a mega sized virtual screen with a 96degree viewing angle, letting you feel a world beyond your peripheral vision. The focus of the accessory can be easily changed for both nearsighted and farsighted person. Gear VR connects to your samsung galaxy s6 via microUSB 1.1 connection. It rests on your face with the help of a soft and flexible cushion lined band that features an ergonomic design. The device incorporates a touchpad, a back button and a volume rocker. Accelerator, proximity, gyroscope and magnetic sensors are also featured in this accessory. The unit doesn’t feel too bulky as its dimensions are pegged at 198 x 116 x 90mm. It comes in a cool white color. Enjoy movies, games, images and more as if you are alone in a cinema with the Galaxy Gear VR.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR lets you experience virtual reality as if you are in a cinema. The cutting edge device sports an ergonomic design and features a headband with soft and flexible cushioning. This cool white device’s looks are further enhanced by the steel blue frames on the front.



The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes it easy for you to enjoy Virtual Reality. The device beams contents of your samsung galaxy s6 onto a virtual mega sized screen, offering vision beyond your peripheral vision.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes watching movies, playing games and viewing all your photos and videos even more enjoyable. You can view everything you love as if you were at the cinema.

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5 Horrible Online Dating Stories

Life, Style & Health, News, Top 5 List October 3, 2015

5 Horrible Online Dating Stories. These dates all went terribly wrong after meeting one another online.



5. The Fortunate case of Nut Allergies

For people with nut allergies, accidentally consuming them can be an awful experience. That is exactly what happened to a young man who went on a blind date with a girl he met online. Within an hour of meeting she was planning their wedding and behaving erratically. When he mistakenly ate nuts, he had to be rushed to the hospital. Upon being discharged he instructed his friend to inform the young lady he had died and much to his relief, the two have had no contact since.

4. A Man named Gooch

A woman living in Waterford met a man named Gooch on OkCupid. Unfortunately the date did not go well. At some point during the date, Gooch stole her keys and drove off with her car. Gooch, thankfully did not make it very far, and was soon apprehended by the authorities. The woman did not ask Gooch for a second date.

3. A Gentleman and a Drug Dealer

Okay, scrap the gentleman part. A respected businesswoman named Sharon Armstrong was infatuated with whom she thought was a prospective suitor that she met online. In fact, she was so convinced he was the real deal that she flew from New Zealand to England to meet him. But when she agreed to pick up some packages for him in Argentina, she unknowingly transported drugs. She was discovered by law enforcement and the mysterious man soon deleted his online profiles.

2. Late Night Intruders

A young professional living in Atlanta, Georgia was excited meet who he thought was a compatible match. The two agreed to meet at a restaurant for dinner and drinks. The woman became very drunk, and the man offered her a ride home. She gave him directions, and as he waited to make sure she got in safely, she soon rushed back out, realizing she had gone to the wrong house! Eventually, she was arrested for trespassing after he dropped her off at another house.

1. Kareem Daniel

Mr. Daniel used Tango, a dating app that utilizes video chatting. After he met and charmed Tamira, the young woman agreed to meet with him. She invited him to her house, but was shocked when he pulled a gun on her, stealing close to $1,000 from her. It took the police nearly six months to catch the crook.

For More Please visit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4dD7XXdwPIrTLStHwfsJOQ

5 Shocking Facial Deformities

News, Top 5 List September 27, 2015


5 Shocking Facial Deformities. These people all have some of the shocking faces in the world, some due to genetics and others due to terrible diseases.


5. Wolf Girl

Supatra is one of just 50 known sufferers of Ambras Syndrome to be documented since the Middle Ages.She has thick hair growing over her face, ears, arms, legs and back. Even laser treatment has failed to stop the hair growth.But while most sufferers have been shunned, Supatra has gradually been embraced by her community, and is a popular and outgoing child.

4. The girl with two faces
A girl called Lali Singh, the first child of a young couple in a village near Delhi, was born with two faces – virtually perfect mirror images of each other. What had caused this was a rare condition called cranio-facial duplication and after six weeks it had made her very ill. Despite being fed through both mouths, she was rapidly losing weight and soon past away.

3. Grace

Seventeen-year-old Grace had a huge tumour growing from the centre of her jaw bone formed by cells that usually make the enamel of teeth. Miraculously, Grace was still able to speak and eat but was so self-conscious that she stopped going to school.After local hospitals failed to help, charity hospital Mercy Ships admitted Grace to perform the four-hour surgery to remove the teenager’s tumour, lower jaw and teeth. Grace is now doing great.

2. Huang Chuncai

Huang Chuncai is a Chinese man who became notable for being “China’s Elephant man”. He is suffering from an extreme case of neurofibromatosis, which causes such large tumors on his face that they completely distort his features. He has been operated on multiple times, the last time was in 2013…

1. Billy Owen

In 2009, the doctors told Billy that he had SNUC, a rare form of cancer affecting the nasal cavity that only had a 10 percent survival rate. In his case, the cancer had spread so extensively that doctors had to remove nearly half of his face, including his eye. Now, he makes a living off his missing eyeball by performing as a zombie in music videos and at haunted houses like The Goretorium in Las Vegas.

For Video:


5 Fake Photos That Went Viral

Life, Style & Health, News, Top 5 List September 19, 2015

5 Fake Photos That Went Viral

5 Fake Photos That Went Viral. These photoshopped pictures fooled alot of people around the world.
5. George W. Bush

George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, was mocked endlessly for his perceived lack of intelligence throughout his two terms in the White House. So, in 2002 when a photo of the President reading an upside down book alongside an elementary school student went viral, a lot of people assumed it was real. We did too :). But it wasn’t.

4. Paris Hilton

While Paris Hilton certainly isn’t known as a champion for social justice and may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, she definitely did not wear a tank top that had “Stop Being Poor” written on it. But that’s what makes a good fake photo go viral because you wouldn’t be surprised if she had been that insensitive! The real photo showed that her tank top said “Stop Being Desperate”.

3. 9/11 Guy

One of the more famous fake viral photos involved one of the more infamous days in American history. A few days after the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers, a picture surfaced on the Internet of a man posing for a photo on the observation deck seemingly right before one of the planes was to crash into the building. The picture was forwarded numerous times through e-mail and was all over the news. The many inconsistencies with the photo eventually proved it was all a hoax.

2. Obama Cigarette

When Barack Obama began his Presidential campaign in 2008 he admitted to being a smoker, while trying to resolve the habit. Fearing negative public reaction, his team did a great job at not letting any photos of him smoking leak to the public. However, one such photo of the future President smoking a cigarette did go viral around this time. Quickly after the photo went viral, it was dispelled as a hoax with the cigarette being digitally added to a photo from 2004.

1. Helicoptor Shark

Helicopter Shark is a composition of two photographs that gives the impression that a great white shark is leaping out of the water attacking military personnel climbing a suspended ladder attached to a special forces UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter. The photo was widely circulated via an email in 2001, along with a claim that it had been chosen as “National Geographic Photo of the Year”. MANY people bought into it but the photo eventually turned out to be a fake.

Five Female Teachers who abused their students

News, Top 5 List May 30, 2015


Five female teachers who abused their students:

5) Stephanie Ragusa: In 2008 Stephanie Ragusa was arrested three separate time for having sex with two underage boys. A teacher at Davidson Middle School, Ragusa had relationships with a 14 and a 16 year old student on several occasions. After compelling evidence against her were presented, she plead guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.


4) Nicole Long: She was a 29 year old English teacher at Ayersville High School in Defience, OH. She was arrested on charges of sexual battery of a 17-year old male former student in January, 2006. According to police documents, Long and the student had sexual intercourse in Long’s home one afternoon in June of 2005. By the time the charges came to light, Long was nearly seven month pregnant. She pleaded guilty in January 2006 to third degree sexual battery. She was sentenced to 45 days in a country Jail.


3) Beth Geisal: This 42-year old women taught at a private High School. It was discovered in 2005 that she had been having sex with at least one 16-year old student. She was charged with two count of endangering a minor. Though she maintained her innocence, claiming she was blackmailed. She was sentenced to six month of prison.


2) Pamela Rogers Turner: She was a 27 year old teacher and coach at Center town elementary school in McMinnville, TN. She was arrested in February 2005 on charges of statutory rape, after allegations surfaced of an ongoing sexual relationship between herself and a 13 years old student. In August of 2005, she pleaded no contest to charges of sexual battery by an authority figure, part of plea deal to the prosecution. She was sentenced to nine months in prison, part of eight year suspended sentence.


1) Debra LaFave: Debra LaFave was a 23 year old reading teacher at a middle school in Florida when she began having affair with a 14 year old student. Confronted with overwhelming evidence of her illicit behavior, the defense attorney argued that: “She was too pretty to go to jail.”After entering a plea deal Lafave was sentenced to three years of house arrest and seven year probation. She was also required to register as a sex offender.


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