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Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Details and Review

Life, Style & Health, News, Tech November 23, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR is Samsung’s mobile virtual reality device developed in collaboration with Oculus VR. The device pairs up with samsung galaxy s6, which acts a driving computer whose screen is beamed into the VR device. The device projects the contents of your small mobile screen onto a mega sized virtual screen with a 96degree viewing angle, letting you feel a world beyond your peripheral vision. The focus of the accessory can be easily changed for both nearsighted and farsighted person. Gear VR connects to your samsung galaxy s6 via microUSB 1.1 connection. It rests on your face with the help of a soft and flexible cushion lined band that features an ergonomic design. The device incorporates a touchpad, a back button and a volume rocker. Accelerator, proximity, gyroscope and magnetic sensors are also featured in this accessory. The unit doesn’t feel too bulky as its dimensions are pegged at 198 x 116 x 90mm. It comes in a cool white color. Enjoy movies, games, images and more as if you are alone in a cinema with the Galaxy Gear VR.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR lets you experience virtual reality as if you are in a cinema. The cutting edge device sports an ergonomic design and features a headband with soft and flexible cushioning. This cool white device’s looks are further enhanced by the steel blue frames on the front.



The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes it easy for you to enjoy Virtual Reality. The device beams contents of your samsung galaxy s6 onto a virtual mega sized screen, offering vision beyond your peripheral vision.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear VR makes watching movies, playing games and viewing all your photos and videos even more enjoyable. You can view everything you love as if you were at the cinema.

BUY YOUR Samsung Galaxy Gear VR Here.

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