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Frequently Asked Questions

1.What is Donzoy.com ?
Donzoy.com is FREE online classified which enables individuals as well as companies to sell wide variety of new or used product online. We at Donzoy.com believe that Internet is a great promotional vehicle as well as communication channel for connecting buyers and sellers. Donzoy.com is perfect solution that helps to sell your products for FREE.
2.Why choose Donzoy.com?
Since the online users are increasing rapidly which itself indicates that the market for internet advertising is highly lucrative. Donzoy is visited by lots of unique visitors monthly who use the site for buying and selling purpose. Compared to newspaper classifieds, in Donzoy.com your product will have more comprehensive detail and pictures thus enabling consumer to choose better. Donzoy.com has created such platform where both seller and buyers can interact with each other.
3.What Benefits do I get as a member?
· Unlimited potential customers.
· 24/7 market place for your products and services.
· Online catalog for your product reaching to consumer effectively.
· Cheap way of advertising your product and services.
· Your own control panel. From where you have total control over ads.
· Add, edit & delete your ads immediately with minimum time and effort.
· View ad traffic and hits to know how your products affect the customers.
· Upload image for your ad to provide visual information for your ads.
· Change your contact information as and when required by you.
· Write comments on other user’s ad and contact them through email.
4.How can I register in the site?
If you want to promote your product/service then you just have to register as member at Donzoy first. Just click on Register link at top of the website(or here) to get started. Fill in your contact details mentioned in online registration form and submit.
5.How do I post an ad for my product or services in the site?
Once you have registered an account, then you just have to login to the Member Area of the site. Once logged in, click on ‘Post New Ad‘ option from the menu. You will be then asked to choose a suitable category for your ad. Then fill up the form with description, price of your product and click on post button. Note:- if you don’t know your product category then please search the products in our site to find if there is existing product which will give you an idea about the category.
6.Can I upload images for my ad?
Yes. You can upload images of your product which will be listed with your ad. In fact ads with real images have more consumer appeal and receive more views and better inquiries. You will be asked to upload a picture after you have posted your ad as mentioned in question no. 5 above.
7.Are there any restriction with ad images?
Unfortunately you can only place 05 images to your ad. There is also upper limit of 5 MB for images. If your image is larger than this size then please use a graphic software to resize the image. You can only place 5 images per product, which is enough to give detail about your product.
8.Can I change the details of product later?
Yes. You can change the details of your products later whenever you require it. Just login to your account and click on ‘My Dashboard’ option from the menu. You will see list of all the ads you have posted in the site. From there you can edit your ad, change/upload your product picture, renew, delete or make your product sold status.
9.Can I change my personal information and password later?
Yes. After you have registered your account you can change your personal information whenever you want. You need to login to your account and click on ‘Change Info’ or ‘Change Password’ menu to change your personal data.
10.What is Featured ads, Popular ads, Just listed ads?
Featured ads are those ads which are of special importance. Popular ads are those ads which are being viewed by user most numbers of time. Just listed ads are those ads which have been recently posted in the site.
11.Does a Buyer need to register at Donzoy.com?
No. Buyer does not have to register to Donzoy, he/she can browse the entire website and search the posted ads without any registration. However in order to post comment on ads and send email to other users, registration is required.
12.How can I find product that I want to buy in better way?
You can either browse by category or use our search tool to find product or services that you are interested in. While using search tool, use few keywords that describe the product like IPhone 5, Galaxy S4, etc. You can later use filter search attributes like category, price range, condition, etc. to improve your search results.

Or as always you can contact us for more query.

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